Children’s Wear

the Underwater Garden

S/S 2014 Girls’ 3-6x


“Imagine a hidden world where mermaids swim through vivid reefs mimicking the strokes of impressionist art, and frolic with fish and found treasures glittering in the light from above.  This spring, 2014, the majestic underwater world will transform into Cobby Rowan’s playful prints, appliques, and designs to be worn by young, spirited girls.  Garments from ruffled tops to knit sweaters to play-ready dresses to rompers and beyond will combine with durable yet pretty, high quality materials.  Silhouettes and print design will provide the canvas to play with the movement, angles, and textures seen in the works of Monet and Sisley, while pastel tones shine through from the nautical garden found below.  This mix and match of pieces will provide endless diverse and functional dress up options in the morning, whether it be for school, an outing, or a family get together. ”


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